The 25th May Unfolds

During the afternoon of 25th May, HMS Coventry was attacked by bomber aircraft and sunk. HMS Broadsword, her ‘goalkeeper’, had been unable to take out the aircraft because of weapon system malfunctions [this has been the subject of a TV documentary and book]. After the attack  Broadsword picked up Coventry’s survivors.

Many miles away to the east, on board Conveyor preparations were being made for the ship to sail into San Carlos through the night to be ready to unload helicopters and stores at first light. This part of the mission carried a relatively high risk that the ship would be found and attacked before the disembarkation was complete. If everything went wrong then the plan was to beach her and to try and rescue as many stores as possible. If Conveyor survived, she was to be used a helicopter support ship.  The crew members were each issued with a copy of the 'Geneva Convention' rules for prisoners in case of capture. There was nervous excitement and some confidence on board, but no real signs of fear.