Conveyor Timeline
 Date  Event
 2/4/1982  Argentinians invade the Falkland Islands
 6/4/1982  Conveyor had been laid up in Liverpool - taken up from trade by MoD to transport Harriers to war zone.
 14/4/1982  War Cabinet set up and begins to assemble invasion fleet.
 Warships start sailing South.
 16/4/1982 -
 Conveyor converted to carry Harriers and helicopters.
 25/4/1982 Demonstration of Harrier landing on Conveyor's deck making her the first merchant jump jet aircraft carrier.
Conveyor sails with 5 Chinook (18 sqadron) and 6 Wessex V (848 squadron).
RAS trial with Grey Rover. 
On board there are 39 Merchant Navy crew under Captain Ian North and 36 Naval Party 1840 crew under Captain Mike Layard RN. [+ variously Aircraft repair unit + Aircrew = 90 extra]
First emergency drills.
 2/5/1982 Conveyor arrives in Freetown (SL).  HMS Conqueror inks the Belgrano - with large loss of life. There is later controversy about which way Belgrano was sailing.
 3/5/1982  Conveyor departs South - fast passage. More emergency drills
 4/5/1982  HMS Sheffield hit by Exocets. Realisation amongst crew that there is going to be fighting. We know the troops cannot stay on ship for too long.
 5/5/1982  Conveyor arrived at Ascension embarking 8 Sea Harriers and 6 GR3 Harriers. One Chinook offloaded.
 7/5/1982 - 19/5/1982  Passage South with amphibious group. One Harrier on standby on foredeck to shoot down spy planes - twice came within a minute of Harrier launch. Overflown by Russian ‘Bear’ aircraft photographing our decks - close enough to wave. We talked about using chaff (describe) in engine intakes like Russians. 
 19/5/1982 -
 Conveyor arrives exclusion zone and disembarks Harriers to HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible.
 21/5/1982  Landings overnight in San Carlos - beachhead established. 
 22/5/1982 -
 Ardent sunk.
Conveyor remains with the Carriers as helicopter support ship. Zigzag watches. Practice of Emergency Stations and extraction of casualties from lower decks.
One Wessex to RFA Stromness - Two Wessex arrive (845 Squadron).
Antelope sunk.
 25/5/1982  Conveyor to be ready to go into San Carlos overnight to be unloaded - Smaller ships to move stores (tented city, spares, small boats, vehicles, munitions, runway equipment) ashore at first light. She would be a sitting duck. If necessary to be beached. Geneva Convention issued in case of capture. Continued to transfer munitions to Hermes. Helicopter tests. Stores moved ready for going ashore. Rumours that Argentinian aircraft carrier has sailed - it being Argentina’s national day.
Coventry is sunk.
1940Z - Air Raid Warning Red and Exocet attack.
Conveyor is hit by 2 Exocets in the Port quarter.
Survivors rescued by Ambuscade, Brilliant and Hermes.
 26/5/1982  Survivors transferred to the  Northbound tanker British Tay
 7/6/1982  Survivors arrive at Brize Norton where re-united with families.
 21/6/1982 -
 Board of Inquiry takes evidence and interviews survivors.