Atlantic Conveyor Missile Defence

Atlantic Conveyor Missile Defence

Although there had been some discussion about fitting chaff launchers to Atlantic Conveyor during her conversion, this didn't come to pass due to time constraints and potential legal issues involved with arming a merchant ship. During the voyage south military officers on board considered the possibility of jury rigging a dispenser that would allow her to generate a cloud of tinfoil out of her funnel. But this idea wasn't seriously pursued.

Similarly, Conveyor was not fitted with any specialist radar systems that would allow her to detect or track attacking aircraft or missiles.

So Conveyor's command had to rely on other ships providing her with intelligence about the direction of any threat.

However, once the direction of any approaching missiles was known, Conveyor was to present her stern to the threat. The thinking was that this would reduce her radar profile size making it less likely that Exocets would select her as the final target. This orientation would also use her strengthened stern ramp as a physical shield and put her bow magazine of cluster bombs as far away from the likely point of impact as possible.

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