Action of 25th May

The Argentinian Attempt to Sink a British Carrier and End the War (25th May 1982)

The following reconstruction of the Argentinian attack on the British aircraft carriers of 25th May 1982 draws on eye witness accounts, personal diaries, historical references, missile expertise, the declassified (heavily redacted) Board of Inquiry report on Conveyor's loss, as well as released (2012/3) Cabinet documents and ships' logs. The author accepts this analysis may yet contain errors and welcomes feedback, personal accounts and corrections.


On the 25th May 1982, Argentina’s National day, two Super Etendard jets of the Argentine air force made use of a newly developed mid-air refuelling capability to launch a long-range surprise attack on the British Task Force with the intention of sinking one of the two British aircraft carriers and ending the Falklands War. They came within seconds of succeeding.

This is what happened: